Bridal Shower Gift Wrap Ideas

by Mimi Abney ; Updated September 28, 2017

Santy Gibson/Demand Media

Finding the perfect gift wrap for your bridal shower gift can be as creative as selecting decorations from nature for an eco-sensitive bride or as simple as tucking several small gifts into a beautiful basket. Making this a DIY project allows you to personalize the packaging in a way only you, as someone close to the bride, can do. Give your creativity ample rein, checking it only with the bride's personal tastes and perhaps the wedding colors.

Colorful Wrapping

Wrap your gift using the bride's wedding theme and colors. If an autumn wedding, wrap the gift box in yellow, orange or brown paper. Attach gold-frosted pine cones or autumn foliage to the gift box using twine. For a beach-themed wedding, use gift paper with a seashell or sandcastle design, or decorate the bow with seashells. use tropical flowers instead of a bow. As an alternative, the Knot.com suggests selecting wrapping paper, flowers and ribbon colors that are the bride's favorite hues. For example, if her favorite colors are pink and silver, choose silver wrapping paper and pink ribbons or bows.


For the "green" bride, use an alternative to standard gift wrap. Purchase recycled gift wrap printed with soy ink. Sew or purchase cloth tote or wine bag that the bride can use after she’s opened the gift. Or tuck multiple gifts inside a deluxe picnic basket, including in it eco-friendly items she can use with her honey on outings, such as reusable, cloth sandwich bags. If the bride’s favorite place is the beach, wrap her gift in a pretty beach towel or beach bag. Or use plain, recycled paper, such as from brown paper bags and decorate it yourself with stencils, a potpourri sachet, nature’s decorations such as shells and berries – keep in mind her favorite colors.

Bath and Kitchen Themes

For a kitchen-themed shower, place all of your gifts into a colander or large mixing bowl. Include measuring cups or other household items to create a multipurpose gift basket. For a bath theme, fold towels, bath soaps and lotions into a small hamper or decorative laundry basket. Both of these baskets can be wrapped in cellophane. Attach the bride's favorite flower to the top with ribbons to personalize the gift.

Fabric Wrapping

Tulle and chiffon are fancy yet inexpensive fabrics that can be used to wrap wedding gifts says Bargain Bridezilla. Wrap these sheer fabrics around your gift boxes and baskets to add luxury and glamour. Be sure to coordinate the colors of the sheer fabric with your gift so the box or container complements the see-through fabrics. If you are handy with a sewing machine, create small, medium and large bags out of this fabric to hold jewelry, candy or wine bottles.