Hawaiian Gift Basket Ideas

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A Hawaiian-themed gift basket is especially appropriate to present to a couple at a bon voyage party celebrating their upcoming trip to the islands, or to the host of a luau party you are attending. It’s also a charming theme gift for those dreaming of paradise and tropical getaways.


Select a sub-theme for the Hawaiian gift basket or make it a general potpourri of all things Hawaiian. A sub-theme might be Hawaiian cocktails, including the ingredients and glassware for making a mai tai or chi chi, while a music sub-theme would include ukulele sheet music and music CDs of entertainers like Don Ho.

The Basket

Decorate the exterior of the basket befitting the Hawaiian motif. Cover a portion of the basket in Hawaiian print fabric, or cover the interior of the basket with the fabric. Affix shells to the basket, perhaps with a mock-fishing net along one side, with shells attached. Wrap ti leaves, tropical flowers or Hawaiian lei around the basket handle.


When selecting edible items for the gift basket consider a loaf of sweet bread, macadamia nuts, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, Spam, a fresh whole pineapple, a package of Kona coffee, guava jelly, coconut syrup, mango butter, and passion fruit marshmallows


Enliven the basket by adding fresh flowers or a small tropical plant. This might be a small anthurium, plumeria lei, ti plant or orchids. If live plants aren’t available, use silk or plastic versions.


Include gifts with tropical fragrances such as cologne, bath soaps, body wash and candles. Popular Hawaiian-themed scents include coconut, mango, pikake, papaya and melon.


Depending on the theme of the gift, a piece of jewelry might be an ideal addition to the basket. Include puka shell jewelry or necklaces made from small shells. Hawaiian heirloom jewelry, popular in the islands, includes the recipient’s Hawaiian name on the piece.


Add reading material to the basket. If the theme is Hawaiian food, include a Hawaiian cookbook. For a Hawaiian cocktail theme, tuck in a bartender’s guide, featuring recipes for tropical drinks. The book might be on Hawaiian history, travel or nature, depending on your basket’s theme.