Unique Ways to Present a Birthday Gift

Birthday present with bows

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No matter how they're presented, birthday gifts always brighten a person's special day. However, when birthday gifts are presented in unique or unusual ways, they are even more meaningful and surprising. Try out some of these ways to present birthday gifts and you'll make someone's day.

Send it with a messenger

Instead of handing over the gift yourself, send it with a messenger. Have a child arrive on the doorstep with the gift, attach it to your dog's collar or give it to the office mail room to deliver.

Resize the package

If you're giving jewelry, wrap the gift in a very large box to increase the surprise. If you're giving a handmade chess set, put each piece in its own gift bag and collect them in a large basket.

Make a treasure map

Hide the birthday gift, but give the recipient a treasure map to find it. Leave small gifts along the way such as chocolate, CDs, flowers or movie tickets.

Put it in a jar

Put gift cards in a candy jar, fill the jar with candy and place it on the recipient's desk. Make sure the gift cards peek out just a little so the candy jar doesn't become public domain too soon.

Get the waiter involved

If you're going out for lunch or dinner, make arrangements ahead of time to have the waiter bring the birthday present along with dessert. This is a great alternative to the waiters singing, especially for people who are embarrassed by extra attention.