Cute Ways to Give Your Boyfriend a Gift

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Your boyfriend wants a tool box. What a boring gift, you think. Use your imagination, though, to come up with a cute and unusual way to give him that gift. Devise a way to give the tool box so that long after it wears out, or the handle breaks off, he will remember the day you gave it to him and the time you took to make him feel special.

Work Surprise

Show up at his work with flowers, candy and his gift. It will be a treat to see you in the middle of the day and make him feel special all day whenever he looks at his flowers. Or, have lunch delivered with a note about his gift or pack a picnic and give him the gift during lunch together.

Treasure Map

Create a treasure map leading to his gift. Write in permanent ink your own drawings of the house, back yard or wherever you hide the gift. Mark the gift location with an "X." Once the map is drawn, rip the edges of the page and rub a wet tea bag on both sides of the paper to make the map look aged. Roll the map into a ball; the next day, unfold the map and using a paper towel soaked by cooking oil, rub the map. Use another paper towel to sop up leftover oil.

Texting Scavenger Hunt

Send him around town via text message with clues to collect specific items relating to the gift. When he collects an item, he will text what it is, confirming he has it, to receive the next clue. Make the items unique, vague and confusing, but representative of the final gift. For example, if you purchased cruise tickets, send him to a bar to pick up a drink umbrella.

Marking the Years

Give small gifts over several days leading to a final gift on a specific day. Make the daily gifts reflect special events you have shared within the past year, or give a gift for each year you have been together, representative of the most memorable thing from each year.

Balloon Puzzle

Create a message and cut it into several small, puzzle-shaped pieces. Make a balloon bouquet with one puzzle piece inside each balloon. Tie the balloons together with a note explaining he must pop the balloons to retrieve puzzle pieces and put it together. The finished puzzle can give him the gift location, tell him what it is, or be a map to start a treasure hunt.

Bring Back His Youth

Pay attention when your boyfriend talks about his childhood. Choose a special memory of his and incorporate it into the gift. Take him to his favorite childhood ice cream shop or use wrapping paper with his favorite cartoon character. You will make him feel like a kid again and show him that you listen when he talks.

Pack His Lunch

Pack his lunch and include the gift. If you want to watch him open his gift, or it is too large, leave a love note instead and tell him a surprise will be waiting when he gets home.