How to Do a Scavenger Hunt on an Anniversary

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If you're looking for a special and personalized gift to give your sweetheart on your anniversary, consider creating a scavenger hunt that leads to a gift at the end. Scavenger hunts are fun, exciting and can be specialized for any couple or special event, including an anniversary. Whether there is an expensive piece of jewelry at the end of the hunt or a heart-felt love letter, your loved one will enjoy spending the time trying to find it.

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Find an isolated place to write your scavenger hunt clues. It is important that you find a place that your loved one won't visit, so that the hunt will be a surprise.

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Spend some time writing the clues for the hunt. One clue should be written on each sheet of paper. Each clue should lead to the next, so you'll need to know where you want to hide your clues. For example, if you want to hide a clue in the piano, the previous clue should say something like, "Go to the place where I first played our song for you."

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After you've written all of your clues, go through the house, yard or wherever you intend to hold the hunt, and place the clues in order so each clue leads to the next, and the final clue leads to the anniversary gift. Place the clues so they are not in plain sight, but don't make them too difficult to find or your loved one might get frustrated.

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After you have placed all of the clues, make sure to place the final clue or gift. If it is something the loved one will open, such as a piece of jewelry or concert tickets, make sure to nicely wrap it, and hide it so it can be found fairly easily. If it is something more sentimental, such as a love letter, wrap it or frame it.

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Ask your loved one to come over and tell her you have her gift but she must find it. Hand her the first clue, and watch as she goes through the hunt.

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