How to Make Someone Feel Special With Words

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Words carry a special power and can deeply affect a person emotionally. For instance, if someone tells you that you are fat, you may start to believe it and develop a low self-esteem. On the other hand, a compliment or an "I love you" can make a hard day a little brighter. You should always be conscious of the words you use when speaking to others and use words to do good. You can use words in a variety of ways to make someone feel special.

Write a note or a letter to the person expressing your feelings. Tell the person how much she means to you, whether it's a love letter or just a letter to a friend. It does not have to be a long letter; just a few words will go a long way in making someone's day. Alternatively, you can get a card and add a few words to it for a personal touch.

Compliment someone. Tell him he is looking good. Compliment his clothes. Alternatively, compliment him on his home or his children. You can even tell him that you you admire his work ethic. Think of something he takes pride in and make it a point to say something complimentary.

Make a sign for the person. Write the words "I love you" on a poster board and place it on your wife's desk, for instance. Alternatively, make a sign like those found in laundromats when a person tries to sell something. There are usually tabs with his phone number on the bottom that can be pulled off. Write something like "You are special" and write "I love you" on each tab so the person can pull one when she is feeling down.

Write little notes and place them under each chocolate in a box. For instance, write little things like "I love you" or "You are the best Dad". Give the person the box of chocolates as a gift. He will be surprised and feel special when he sees the notes.

Write something on a blank coffee mug. Get a paint pen at a crafts store and write a special phrase, such as "You are loved." You can even draw a heart or a picture next to it. Bring the person coffee with the special mug and watch him light up.