How to Celebrate Your Husband's Birthday

Daughter and wife giving man a gift

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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's a rare woman who has the time and energy to celebrate her husband regularly. Your husband's birthday is the time to slow down, make him feel special, and express just how much you love and appreciate him. Whether you celebrate privately or throw a huge party, he'll feel honored for months to come.

Relive the Past

He's bound to look back on his past on his birthday, so it's the perfect day to celebrate the times that came before. Re-live some of your earlier celebrations; take him to the restaurant or hotel where you dated during your first year together, or if you can, find out where he spent his birthdays as a boy and reenact those activities. He might get a kick out of spending his 40th birthday roller-skating like he did in elementary school. His birthday is also bound to make him think of his family, so consider planning a surprise trip to visit his parents or hometown.

Buy His Dream Gift

Resist the urge to buy him some golf balls or yet another polo shirt. Although he might get some use out of these gifts, he won't remember them by his next birthday. Buy him something that he'll really love, even if you don't approve of it. If he has a garage full of tools, buy him that specialized saw or wrench kit he's been eyeing, or get him a box of the stinky cigars he loves so much. If he's a gamer, pick up the latest hot video game that you think he'll like. Buying him something he'll love, even if you don't love it, is a sacrifice that he will notice and appreciate.

Make It an Event

In addition to giving him a gift, treat him to an event that he'll enjoy and remember for years to come. Buy him tickets to his favorite team's sporting event or to a show by his favorite band. Another option is to plan a day full of his favorite activities. For example, wake him up early, and drive him to a local lake for a morning of fishing, then spend the afternoon bowling or hiking or going to the movies, and finish the day by treating him to a meal at his favorite restaurant.

Dress Up

In the mind of most husbands, you are the greatest gift of all. Make his birthday night a memorable one by spending some of your gift budget on new lingerie, massage oil, and scented body wash. Spend a few hours getting all dolled up, then surprise him by presenting yourself as his big gift. You might even tie a ribbon around yourself that he can untie. Give him a luxurious back rub, and spend the evening making all his dreams come true.