Really Cool Gifts for a 41 Year Old Woman

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Most 41-year-old women are interested in having fun, looking great and experiencing new things. Therefore, the gift possibilities are endless. Select something for your special someone that speaks to who she is as a person. Don't just go to a retail store to find a gift for a female or do an online search for random "gifts for women." Consider her interests, hobbies and personal style in making your gift selection. If she is into working out, extend her gym membership. If she is a fashion buff, either give her a beautiful cashmere sweater in her color or a gift certificate to an upscale boutique.

Day Spa Certificate

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Treat your lady to an all-inclusive day at a day spa. Allow her to relax and rejuvenate for a day. If your budget can take the strain of an all-inclusive service, select specific luxuries for your lady -- pedicure, manicure, facial, massage or wax treatment. Day spas have fee schedules so that consumers can select the service(s) that they wish to purchase. The only limits on just how big your gift will be is your budget.

Dinner for Two

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You can't go wrong with dinner for two. Dinner for two can be as expensive or inexpensive as you make it -- a five star restaurant or a few less stars, topped off with a banana split. Make reservations at her favorite restaurant (local steakhouse) or restaurant that is significant in your relationship (where you proposed). Bring flowers and chocolate when you pick her up, or better yet -- go limousine.

Vacation to the 41st State

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Get back to nature if your lady is an outdoor gal -- take her on a vacation to Montana, the 41st state. Camp or make reservations at a bed and breakfast. There are many things to do and see in Montana. There are at least 10 national forests in Montana. Go camping, hiking, boating, sightseeing or attend special events of the season. Go to Custer National Forest and See Grasshopper Glacier, or check the moonwalk schedule for some quality time and new experience together.

41 Gifts Box

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This gift will necessitate a good deal of planning, but the smile on her face will make it worth your time. Make note of your budget before you begin, and then construct a list of 41 gifts that would please her. These gifts range from inexpensive, dollar store gifts to upscale boutique gifts. Include gift certificates, CDs, a book, sexy lingerie and other random goodies. Wrap them all separately and then put them in a large wrapped box with a big bow.