Gifts for a Libra Woman

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Born between September 23 and October 22, a Libra woman is known to be sociable, intelligent, inquisitive, and charming. She can also be indecisive and self-indulgent. By choosing a gift associated with the best of these traits as well as her individual personality, you are sure to find a gift your Libra friend or loved one will appreciate.


Appeal to your Libra's intellect by giving her a puzzle box with a small Libra charm hidden inside or have her astrological birth chart completed and give it to her with a book about Libras. Do some research and hunt down a first edition copy of a storybook from her youth that she treasures. Visit a local bookstore and pick up a hardcover edition of the latest political thriller. A special gift would be an electronic reader already uploaded with a couple of mysteries.


Appeal to your Libra's indulgent side by showering her with gifts that engage her senses. Pick out an expensive bottle of perfume or put together a gift basket filled with makeup brushes, daring shades of eye shadow and lipsticks with a hint of gloss. Or give your Libra a spa day where she can be wrapped, waxed and pampered with a long luxurious massage. Also consider a set of scented lotions, a warm plush robe for cold nights or a cashmere sweater.


Bring out your Libra's sociable side as you treat her to a night out on the town, visiting with friends at restaurants or cafes throughout the city. Or throw an extravagant party and invite all her friends –she is sure to have plenty given her charm--and let her revel in the merriment. Also consider getting dressed up and spending a special night at the theater, symphony or the opera. Poetry readings, gallery openings or the local fall festival are all venues to enjoy a social evening or afternoon together.


Cater to your Libra's charming side and give the gift of jewelry. Nothing too big or gaudy will do, as a Libra exudes elegance and prefers small tasteful gifts of exquisite cut and clarity over large, vulgar displays of inferior jewels. Give her an opal if she is born in October or a sapphire if born in September. Choose an astrological themed gift by giving her a Libra scale charm to wear on a necklace or bracelet or a Libra scale pin for her coat lapel.