What Are Some Really Sweet Things to Brighten a Girl's Day?

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Even a girl with the most positive outlook on life can have a crappy day every occasionally. Perhaps she is overwhelmed with responsibilities, had an argument with a friend, or she is not feeling well. Whatever the case, you can brighten your girlfriend's day and put a smile on her face with a sweet message, helpful deed or a special surprise.

Surprise Gift at Work

Send your girl something at work when she least expects it. Have a bouquet of flowers delivered to her at work on a Wednesday, "just because." Have lunch delivered from her favorite restaurant, especially when you know she is planning on working through her lunch hour. Mail a "Thinking of You" card to her office, with a message stating that you hope she is having a fantastic day and cannot wait to see her when she comes home.

Funny Photos and Videos

Laughter is sure to brighten anyone's day. Send her the most hilarious photos, animated GIFs, or videos circulating the web, especially those that might relate to her in some way. For example, if she is a cat lover, send her funny and cute cat photos, or send her links to the many adorable cat videos you can find online. If you are technologically savvy, create your own GIF that shows you doing something sweet, like making a heart with your hands or hugging her cat.

Do Her a Favor

Like everyone else, you revel in those rare moments when you discover that somebody has already taken care of that annoying, needling detail you’ve been putting off. Lift the burden off your girlfriend by handling some of her tasks or completing an errand for her. For example, pick up her dry cleaning one day and make dinner. Get up early and line her shelves with the lining she has been too busy to install herself. If her lawn needs tending to, mow the grass and put in fresh flowers. Anything that would make her day even a little bit easier is sure to put a smile on her face and earn you major points.

Plan a Surprise Date

Whisk your girl away on a date when she least expects him. Pick her up from work in the middle of the week and take her to a quaint, charming restaurant out of town for dinner. Take her somewhere to make her laugh when she has had a bad day, like to a comedy show or out for karaoke. If she is adventurous, take her to try a new experience, like indoor skydiving, or to a trapeze school where she can learn how to fly high in the sky like a pro. Another idea is to surprise her with a date doing something that she loves, but you are just not into. She will appreciate that you are willing to try something that she is passionate about.