Gift Ideas for a Female Coworker

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It is customary to give a female coworker a present for holiday gift exchanges, birthdays, or special occasions like a wedding, new baby or promotion. The ideal gift for a female coworker should be inexpensive, as pricey gifts may make her feel uncomfortable. Give her something that fits her personality; just be sure that it is appropriate for a work environment.

Work Gear

Items that can be used at work are an appropriate choice for a female coworker. If she likes to drink coffee, give her a gift basket of different coffees, creamers and a travel mug. If she likes to display photos on her desk buy her a new frame. Items that make a cubicle or office seem more like home are always appreciated, such as a massaging seat cover, desktop light or decorative knickknacks. Cubicle toys like magnetic poetry and stress-relief balls are also popular choices.

Bath and Body

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Gift sets containing bath and body supplies are inexpensive and go over well with female coworkers. If you know what type of scents she likes, buy her lotion, shower gel or body spray in that scent. If you're unsure, buy her a sampler pack so she can try out different types. Bath salts, bubble bath and aromatherapy oils give her a reason to relax after a hard day at work. If she's always getting sick, try some scented antibacterial soap or lotion to keep at her desk.

Home Decor

Gifts for the home are a typical choice for female coworkers. Scented candles are a popular choice, as a large candle can keep a home smelling great for months. If you buy her a gift such as a candle holder, be sure to include anything she might need to go with it, like a set of tea lights. Indoor plants give her house a touch of green, but flowers may send the wrong message, especially coming from a male coworker.

Gift Certificates

If you don't know what to get her, gift certificates are always a safe bet. Give her a gift card that you know she will use, like a certificate to a local restaurant that she often orders lunch from. Gift certificates to department stores are a safe choice because she can spend the money on a wider selection of items. Give her a gift card to the movie theater so she can have a night out or a video store so she can have a night in.