Gifts for a New School Principal

Teacher instructing class

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Your school has a new principal, and you want to make her feel welcome. You don’t know her very well, but you and the rest of the staff would like to purchase a gift for her anyway. What sort of gift would be good for a brand new principal?


A principal has meetings in the morning, meetings in the afternoon and meetings at night. She also has events to attend, evaluations to conduct and data to present. Between these activities and everything else that goes into running a school, she’ll need a good administrative assistant and a good organizational system. Give her an attractive leather planner to take notes in and write down appointments. Even if she uses a smartphone for her data, there are simply some situations when the only way is the old school way—a pen and paper.

Spa Certificate

If your new principal is a woman, she’ll probably appreciate a gift certificate for a day at a spa, or even a manicure and pedicure at a nearby salon. If your new principal is a man, give him a certificate for a massage at a reputable spa. Being a principal is a stressful job, and having the opportunity to relax is one of the best gifts possible.

Office Supplies

There are office supplies and then there are office supplies. The supplies the school district distributes are usually basic and inexpensive. Gift your new principal with a basket of snazzy supplies. Include things such as a nifty stapler, colorful notepads and pens, fun sticky notes and decorative paper clips. Put it all in a sleek inbox she can use instead of the black plastic one typically supplied by schools.

Sweet Basket

This gift may end up benefiting the staff more than the principal if she leaves it out, but she’s sure to appreciate it anyway. Fill a basket with a selection of chocolates, cookies, packets of hot chocolate and some green tea. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends drinking a moderate amount of green tea to get the relaxing benefits that it has to offer. Include a large, homey mug. This gift will be perfect for those days when your new principal has dealt with one too many irate parents and needs to distress. Of course, a relaxed principal means a happy staff.

Welcome Aboard Board

Buy a medium-sized chalkboard and decorate it by hot gluing school items found in the scrapbooking section of the hobby store around the edges. Buy colored chalk and get staff to sign their names and well wishes on the chalkboard. Present this gift to your new principal at the end of her first day. It’s sure to bring a smile to her face.