Gift Ideas for Women, Ages 35-45 Yrs Old

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Women of all ages love to receive presents, especially when there has been a lot of thought put into the gift. Whether you are looking for a Christmas, birthday, or an anniversary present, you should have no problem selecting the perfect gift idea for the lady you have in mind.

Bath Products Gift Basket


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This is something that you can purchase at a gift shop or you can create it on your own. Creating your own will give you more control over making sure that all of her favorite items are in the basket. Do you know her favorite scent? Does she have a favorite brand of bath products? Even if you do not have all of that information, this type of gift basket will please just about any woman out there. Purchase some high-quality shower gels, bath beads, moisturizers and bath foams. Even throw in a manicuring set and a cooling eye mask to give it that little bit of something extra.

Custom-Made Gift Card Arrangement

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You will need a vase for this along with the green floral foam used in artificial flower arrangements. You should also purchase some plastic floral pick card holders. The number of picks you will need will depend on the number of cards you will be giving her. All of your supplies can be found at a crafts store. The gift cards can be found online or at your local retailers.

Purchase as many gift cards as you would like. You could give ten different gift cards for ten dollars each or any other variation of that. Place the green foam into the bottom of the vase. Stick the plastic picks into the green foam and then attach the cards. Decorate with artificial flowers or moss to fill in the spaces so the arrangement looks full.

A Paid Vacation

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While some may view this as a little extreme, it's not. Just ask any woman whether or not she thinks she has deserved a vacation and she will tell you yes. If you are on a budget, you should stick with something simple such as a weekend cruise. Simply convince her that she needs to take a long weekend off work for the special occasion that you are celebrating and then have her bags packed and ready for her when she gets home.