How to Make Gag Gifts With Condoms

How to Make Gag Gifts With Condoms. Condoms, while handy in their time and place, may be one of the greatest items for gag gift giving. Whether purchased as premade gags or custom-made at home, the versatility and comedic potential of rubbers offers endless possibilities. If you would like to give the gift of condoms, a few simple and fun tips will keep the recipient laughing.

Create a condom flower bouquet. Using a variety of colored condoms, glue the packaging to long, green pipe cleaners. You can even attach fake leaves to the stems, which are often available in craft stores with wires inside for easy application. Gather your condom flowers in a nice vase so that the recipient may keep your gift on display.

Buy a new pair of socks and a 3-by-6 inch piece of fabric to match. Cut the fabric in half, and sew each square onto a sock, sewing along the sides and the bottom edge to make a pocket. On the fabric, use iron-on letters or fabric paints to write "Safe Sox," and slip a condom into each pocket. The recipient will love this gag gift, since they will always have a condom handy when on the go.

Make gag-gift condom balloons in bright colors, or add a touch of humor by using studded or ribbed colored condoms. Fill a number of condoms with helium and secure them with ribbon to make a festive and funny balloon bouquet.

Keep it simple, since a condom doesn't need a lot of fixing up to be a funny gag gift. Purchase a box of 100 condoms, often available in "sampler packs--wrap it up and it's ready to go. It may be simple, but it is sure to get a load of laughs.