Homemade Gift Ideas for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

Gold foil bow with gold ribbon on white image by Kathy Burns-Millyard from Fotolia.com

A 50th wedding anniversary is a milestone in a relationship and an occasion to show a couple that you care. Coming up with a gift to celebrate this impressive achievement can be challenging. Because this special occasion requires something more personalized than simply finding a present at the store, give a homemade gift that lets a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary remember their past while celebrating their future.

Gold- Leafed Frame

Give a gold-leafed, hinged picture frame filled with wedding day images and recent photographs of the pair. This gift is traditional because gold-themed gifts are typically given to a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, but gold leaf can help someone on a budget achieve the look of real gold. If you are looking to add a homemade twist to your gift, explore the variety of gold leaf and leafing kits for the beginners that are available at art supply stores.

Memory Book

If distilling 50 years of memories into a couple of pictures is too difficult, create a memory book. A memory book is a place to record captured moments, document memories or wish the couple congratulations. Ask friends of the couple to send in pictures, write down their memories and offer good wishes and compile the memories into a binder, bound book or scrapbook.

Sheet Music

Locate the sheet music for the song the couple first danced to at their wedding and frame it in a gold frame. The couple will appreciate the gesture, as well as, the research that went into putting the gift together. With this hanging in the couple’s home, they will be gently reminded of their wedding day for years to come.

Quilt or Pillow

A homemade quilt or pillow is a personal way to express your love and appreciation for the couple. Cross-stitch or quilt their monogram and anniversary date onto a white pillow or quilt using gold thread or fabric. This soft gift will be a welcome addition to the couple’s home.