Cheap Godparent Gifts

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Thank your child’s godparents for being an important figure in her life by giving them thoughtful gifts. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to illustrate to the godparents how much you appreciate their participation. Give them this gift after the child’s christening, or let the godchild share the gift with his godparents on significant events like their birthdays or anniversary. A gift that reminds the godparents of their godchild will become a treasured item.

Religious-Themed Gifts

If you are giving godparents a gift at the child’s christening or on the anniversary of her christening, choose an item with a religious theme. Give the godparents a wooden or sterling silver cross with their godchild’s name engraved on it; they can hang this in their home as a reminder of their godchild. Wrap a pocket-sized Bible in a ribbon, and give it to the godparents as a thank you for being a part of the christening. Or, choose a bookmark with a religious image or Bible verse on it, preferably a verse about parenting. You can find these items in Christian bookstores for reasonable prices.

Child-Focused Gifts

Godparents will appreciate a gift that reminds them of their godchild, and many of these gifts come in at low price points. Choose a sterling silver picture frame, which you can engrave with your child’s name and birthday, and add a picture of the godparents and godchild in it. For an older godchild, you can create a photo book inexpensively online. Upload pictures of the godchild and godparents throughout the years, and add captions to reflect on happy memories. This photo book will be a keepsake for years to come. For an even less expensive gift, create a scrapbook at home. This can be a project that the godchild can help out with. Take time to collect his favorite photos and add text and images to the scrapbook.

Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts for godparents are thoughtful yet inexpensive gifts. Have a young child draw a picture of her and her godparents and frame it as a keepsake for the godparents to hang in their home. An older child can write a letter or card to the godparents thanking them for their support, and you can decorate and frame this letter for the godparents to read. Create a cross out of wood, and have the godchild paint it for the godparents. If you know how to knit, you can make a hand-sewn pillow that says “Godparent” or “I Love My Godfather (or Godmother),” which they can display in their homes.