What to Get for Someone Whose Cat Died

Michael Blann/Lifesize/Getty Images

Coping with the death of a cat is a difficult process for anyone to go through. If someone close to you has had a cat pass away recently, get her a gift to help memorialize her beloved pet and help her deal with the grief over the loss. Show your sympathy with something personalized to the person and her pet.

Memory Box

Purchase a memory box for your friend to save some of her cat's favorite toys, a lock of the cat's fur or the cat's collar. These boxes come in different materials, including wood, marble or plastic. If you have a picture of your friend's cat, you can order the box from an online retailer to include an etching of the cat's likeness on the top of the box from websites like Eternal Paw Prints. Other boxes come with a clear compartment for your friend to place a picture of her cat into.

Memory Book

The Human Society recommends buying a scrap book or photo album for your recipient to place photographs of his beloved cat or write about his feelings about the cat through poetry. Obtain some photos of your friend's cat and place them into the album and jot some words of kindness into the book to get it started. Have a few of your mutual friends or relatives write some words of sympathy in the memory book to provide some comfort for the recipient. Include the poem that tells the story of the Rainbow Bridge, a popular poem about the loss of a pet.

Gift Basket

Put together a personalized gift basket for your loved one. Include a picture frame featuring cats on it for the recipient to put a picture of his cat into. Add a book about dealing with the grief over the loss of a pet to the basket for your friend to read and provide some comfort for him. Place a candle with a holder into the basket for the recipient to burn in memory of the cat. Put the items in a wicker basket, wrap it in cellophane or decorative tissue paper and tie it together with a ribbon.


Assist your friend in memorializing her pet by purchasing an urn for her to place the cat's ashes into, if she has had the cat cremated. You can also purchase a memorial stone for the friend to place in her garden, etched with the name and picture of the cat. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals allows you to donate money to the charity online in the name of the deceased cat. Ask your friend if she supports a particular animal charity or rescue organization and donate to that charity in your friend's cat's name to help memorialize the pet while supporting animal rescue.