Wedding Poems for Daughter-in-Laws

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Giving a new daughter-in-law a sentimental gift, such as piece of poetry, is sure to make her feel as though she is now part of the family. Employing some creative strategies into the presentation of the poem makes for a wedding gift that is both crafty and personal for her.

The Poem

If you are a skilled writer, create your own piece of poetry for your new daughter-in-law. Include your favorite qualities of hers, how you knew that she was right for your son and a happy wish for the future for the new couple. Use an already existing poem if writing is not your forte, such as "Welcome to Our Family" by Cappy Giachelli or ask a friend or family member to come up with one for you. Give credit to the author.

Types of Poems

Try your hand at a poem that is not entirely traditional. For example, write an acrostic poem in which you use the letters of your daughter-in-law's name or her name along with your son's. Create a ballad that you can play along with on a musical instrument at the rehearsal dinner or bridal shower. For brides having a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony, write your own haiku expressing your joy at the occasion and your love for your daughter-in-law.

Traditional Wedding Poems

Everyone has a different type of relationship with her daughter-in-law. Therefore, an extremely personal, over-the-top poem might not be suitable for you. If that is the case, give her a traditional wedding poem or writing selection, such as 1 Corinthians 13:4-13, "By the Seaside" or "How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways" as a present, or recite one of them as a surprise at the rehearsal dinner or the reception.


Present the poem along with a gift. For example, if you write about how she and your son love to go camping together, wrap the poem up with some new camping equipment. Another option is to write the poem inside of a greeting card or to create your own greeting card structured around the poem. Type out the poem on special paper and purchase a picture frame for it. If you are giving her a piece of paper, you do not want it to get lost in the pile of wedding gifts at the reception. Present the poem to her the day before the wedding, or give it to her right before the newlyweds leave for their honeymoon. Perhaps you want to read the poem out loud. See if the couple wants you to do it during the wedding, or at another time, such as the rehearsal dinner.