Anniversary Gifts for Mom When Dad Has Passed

The approach of an anniversary after the death of a partner can be bittersweet. If your mom is celebrating her wedding anniversary without your decreased father, she may find that this event proves emotionally taxing. To make this event more enjoyable for your mom and show her that she is not alone in missing your father, prepare a gift for her that encourages her to think back on the good times she shared with her departed love.

Framed Love Letter

If your mom and dad’s love affair included written correspondence, create a memento of this for your mom. Borrow one of these love letters and create a copy. Have the letter matted and framed, and give this protected version of the correspondence to your mom. If your parents exchanged numerous notes during their early love affair, consider scanning them to create digital versions and having them printed into a photo book so that your mom can flip through them with ease.

Meaningful Music Compilation

Many couples hold certain tunes special. If your parents had songs that they considered representative of their time together, craft a CD that contains all of these tunes. Purchase MP3 copies of these songs, or rip them from disks that you already own. Organize them chronologically, starting with the song to which your parents first danced and moving through to the song that your father use to sing to you when you were a baby. Burn this carefully crafted selection onto a disc.

Trip Tickets

If your mom is still struggling with the loss of her partner, getting away from it all may be just what she needs. Help your mom escape her sadness by buying her trip tickets. Purchase tickets for her and a friend to take a cruise or get away to a secluded cabin. Or join her in this escape, giving you both time to bond and allowing you to help her overcome any emotional struggles she may be experiencing.

Birthstone Jewelry Piece

Give her a gift that allows her to keep your father close by buying her a meaningful piece of birthstone jewelry. Buy a ring, necklace or bracelet that features her birthstone as well as your father’s. Give this carefully selected bauble to your mom along with a note reminding her that even though Dad is gone, he will certainly never be forgotten. To make this piece reflective of not only your mother and father's union, but also the family that the union begot, have the birthstones of your siblings, as well as any grandchildren, placed on the piece as well.