Gift Basket Ideas for Mom of the Bride

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The mother of the bride is one of the busiest women involved in her daughter's special day. Show her your appreciation for all she's done with a special gift basket that reminds her how thankful you are. Give her the gift of relaxation, lavish her with jewelry, help her preserve her wedding day memories or create your own personalized gift to let her know just how important she is on this celebratory day.

Spa Gift Basket

During the weeks leading up to the wedding, the mother-of-the-bride is sure to be running around putting together last-minute plans and preparations, meaning that she will not have time to take a moment for herself. Give her a gift to encourage her relaxation by putting together a spa gift basket so she can pamper herself after her stressful weeks. Fill the gift basket with spa items, such as lotions, scrubs, potpourri, scented candles and oils. Include a gift certificate for a spa day at a local spa so that she can take a much-deserved day for herself.

Elegant Gift Basket

If you know the mother of the bride well, you may want to send a gift basket filled with luxury items. Create a silver-themed gift basket filled with metallic tissue paper and silver trimmings. Include a bottle of champagne, a sterling silver frame and a delicate piece of personalized sterling silver jewelry. Give her jewelry with sentimental value, such as a locket necklace engraved with the word "mother," and place a picture of both her and her daughter inside the locket. Jewelry is a timeless gift that will remind the mother of the bride every time she wears it of that special day in both her and her daughter's lives.

Memory Gift Basket

Allow the mother of the bride to create her own keepsakes of her daughter's wedding. Create a memory gift basket with an empty photo album for her to put pictures of the wedding in once they are developed. Include empty sentimental picture frames engraved with the wedding date or "Mother and Daughter" for her to put a picture of her choosing into. If you know the mother of the bride well, you may have pictures of your own that would make for a great scrapbook. Buy materials at your local craft store and create a scrapbook of memories filled with pictures of her and the bride-to-be and include it in the memory basket.

Create Your Own Gift Basket

Create a unique mother of the bride kit. Buy a nice wicker basket and fill it with items any mother of the bride will love. Include items she can use for the wedding day and after, such as a disposable wedding camera, an elegant purse, a pack of wedding-themed tissues and personalized items such as an engraved pen or picture frame. Include celebratory items, such as a bottle of wine or champagne and fine chocolates. Instead of placing all of the items in a gift basket, you may also consider buying a personalized beach tote that says "Mother of the Bride."