Birthday Ideas for Grandmas Turning 100 Years Old

100th. Anniversary

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Living to 100 years old is rare, and it deserves to be celebrated in a special way. If your grandma is the woman of honor, determine what type of celebration or gifts would be appropriate for her, based on what she would be most comfortable with, concerning her health and what is feasible. Whether it's a big celebration with family flying in from all over the country or a low-key dinner with a few family and friends, emphasize the importance of this milestone and how special your grandmother has been to everyone present.

Centennial Celebration

Get together with your family to plan a big birthday celebration in your grandmother's honor. Set up the party space with a century theme, or based on the year your grandmother was born. Use tablecloths and decorations in her favorite colors. The party can include close family and friends sharing memories and giving her well wishes. If possible, arranged to have an old dear friend or family member she has not see in a long time surprise her at the party. Include music that your grandmother loves. Consider your grandmother's health needs when planning the event to make sure it is convenient to her schedule, in case she needs to rest.

100 Years of Memories

Present your grandmother with memories of her 100 years in a special way. You could gather photos of her from her youth, as an adult, her wedding, raising children and being a grandmother and present them to her in a scrapbook. Each page of pictures should include quotes of special memories from various family members or friends. You could also scan and upload the pictures to your computer to create a slideshow of pictures, set to music. You could also show the slideshow at your grandmother's party or birthday gathering.

100 Little Things

Present your grandmother with gifts that have a "100" theme. One idea is to create a booklet of well wishes from 100 different people, from friends and family to old acquaintances and current caretakers. Work with a florist to present her with a flower display that spells out "100" using her 100 of her favorite flowers. Put together a collage of 100 photos of her life and present it to her in a beautiful frame. Have a large blanket made with 100 squares, each with something written on it, like a wise quote, a verse from the Bible or other religious book, or a funny saying that your grandmother always says.

Gifts of When She Was Young

Surprise your grandmother with gifts that relate to the year she was born or in the decade that she grew up in. For example, if your grandmother was born in 1913, you could put do some research of events that occurred on the day she was born or the year and put them together in a newsletter, with the main headline being your grandmother's birth. You could also find music that you grandmother loved growing up and create a CD or digital playlist. It should be in a form easiest for your grandmother or her caretaker to play. See if any movies that your grandmother enjoyed as a teenager or young adult are available on DVD and surprise your grandmother with them. She's sure to appreciate the trip down memory lane.