Mom to Daughter Special Wedding Gifts

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Mothers know that planning a wedding can be very stressful, especially when it’s your daughter's special day. In addition to the stress of planning details, you want to make sure you have the perfect gift for your daughter. Special wedding gifts from mothers to daughters don’t need to be expensive. Often, the best gifts come straight from the heart.


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Write a special poem for your daughter if you have a gift with words. In this poem, tell your daughter when she means to you. Highlight special periods in her life, and tell her how she inspires you. If poetry isn’t your thing, consider writing a letter telling her what she means to you

Family Heirlooms

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A wedding is a perfect time to show your daughter how much she means to you as you pass on one of your favorite heirlooms. This is especially meaningful if it is something that your mother gave you. Heirlooms could include a piece of jewelry or a favorite vase or even a book the your family passes down through the generations. If you don’t have any heirlooms, start a new tradition by offering your daughter something that she knows means a lot to you.


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A handmade quilt could be the perfect special wedding gift for your daughter. Quilts take a lot of time and planning to make, and your daughter will appreciate your thoughtful work. You could use a quilt design that acts as a symbol the occasion, such as the Double Wedding Ring Quilt. Add special meaning to the quilt by using fabrics that symbolize highlights of her life and yours such as pieces from an old baby blanket, a prom dress or favorite childhood shirt.


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Give your daughter a book of memories by spending some time making a scrapbook from her childhood. Include photos, quotes and comments about her life and yours. Slip a musical CD into the book that highlights music from the different periods of her life.