Wedding Gifts for a Bride from a Grandmother

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The largest gift a grandmother can give the bride on her wedding day is her love and support. A bride looks to her grandmother for advice in maintaining a long and happy marriage. Family heirlooms make special presents for a grandmother to give her granddaughter on her wedding day, whether they have been passed down from generations above, or are special to their current relationship. Whatever the grandmother decides to give, the bride will surely cherish it.


Family heirlooms make for sentimental wedding gifts. A grandmother handing down something meaningful to herself--a piece of her wedding dress, something special to pin inside the bride's gown, family quilts, or china--will mean a great deal to a new bride. This symbolizes sustainability in a marriage and that the old now merges with the new. Keepsakes like these are very special and should always be treated with special care by the bride.

Handmade Items

Hand embroidered handkerchiefs, doilies, afghans, and quilts make the best gifts from grandma. A very special gift would involve helping the bride create her wedding dress, if she wants a handmade one. Creating special items by hand is becoming a lost art, so it means a lot when a grandmother can do this for the bride. The bride will always keep the item special to her and know it was made with love.


Brides cherish words of wisdom from their grandparents. Having a special wedding day poem or letter of advice written by grandma would provide a thoughtful, lasting gift for the new bride.