How to Deal With an Unhappy Wife

Married couples find that it's difficult to maintain the happy relationship they had on their wedding day. Unless you and your wife are perfect, those rocky times will come. Everyone goes through unhappy situations, but those difficulties can be the very thing that strengthens your marriage.

Listen to your wife with your full attention. As your husband, you are the most important person in her life, and she needs you to know what she's going through. Be careful to listen first, before you try to give her any advice.

Make yourself available to her at any time. It is critical to your wife to know that she's first in your heart. This might mean making some sacrifices, but the stability of your marriage is well worth it and you will be rewarded.

Ask her what you can do for her. Be careful not to be defensive if her unhappy situation involves you. Listen calmly, and talk it through with her. The best way to resolve an unhappy situation is to communicate and resolve it together.

Give her extra attention and affection with no strings attached. Draw her focus away from the unhappy situation and take her on a special date. Remember what made her laugh when you were dating, and do something together that she loves to do.

Recognize that the number one need for a woman is security, often financial security. You will make her feel safe and secure by being faithful and providing for your family.