Ideas for a Second Marriage Bachelorette Party

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Etiquette used to dictate that those marrying for the second time have a quiet, understated affair. Gifts, bridal showers and other events were often considered unnecessary. Times have changed, however, and couples getting married again enjoy all the functions of a first wedding, including the bachelorette party. When it comes to a girls' night out for a second wedding, take your cue from the bride and plan the type of party she'll appreciate most.

Low-Key Party

Some remarrying brides prefer to go low-key, even though it's not technically necessary. When that's what the bride wants, consider dinner out at a top-notch restaurant, a day at the spa or night at the opera--some activity she'll never be able to talk her groom into. Other options include a chick flick with all the girls or a party held at the home of one of her closest friends. Skip the strippers though--that's probably not something the low-key bride will enjoy.

Party Hardy!

For the bride who wants to go all out and celebrate her last night of freedom before she jumps back in the marriage arena, do it up right. Take her to a male strip club, the trendiest dance club in town or hold a swinging party for her at your home. Make sure there is plenty of loud music, girlie alcoholic drinks, sumptuous snacks and decadent desserts. Don't forget to pick up the anatomically correct cake either.

Brunch Party

A bride who wants to be at her best the next morning for her second time around may not be interested in partying the night before. When that's the case, consider getting all her girlfriends and female relatives together for brunch the day before the wedding. Choose a swanky restaurant or have it catered at someone's home. Don't forget the mimosas to soothe her jangling nerves and some hearty fare to give her plenty of energy to complete her last-minute tasks.

Destination Party

With all the stress and strain of planning a second wedding--she may be nervous about doing it again--some brides want nothing more than to get out of town for a night or a weekend. There's no reason you can't get the girls together and jet off to Las Vegas, Atlantic City or the Big Apple. Shop till you're ready to drop, see the sights, lose a few bucks gambling and then head back home in time for the big day.