Bachelorette Party Etiquette on Who to Invite

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Bachelorette parties are considered a gift from the bridal party to the bride, one last night out as a single woman.The guest list is often limited to the bride's close friends. However, guest lists for these parties are often as varied as the events themselves. The bride should always be consulted about the guest list for her bachelorette party. Getting the guest list wrong can result in hard feelings that tarnish the bride's wedding day.

Do Invite

Typically, the bridal party and the bride's close friends are invited to the bachelorette party. Sisters of the bride and groom should be invited, even if they are not members of the wedding party. Any close friends of the bride that live far away should be sent an invitation; if they can't make the trip, they will still appreciate the thought. Invite the bride's coworkers or classmates only if they have a close relationship with her. If the bride would be uncomfortable letting loose and enjoying the party in their presence, they should be left off the guest list. The bachelorette party is considered a gift to the bride, so everyone invited should be willing and able to share in the expense.

Don't Invite

Mothers and stepmothers are not usually invited to bachelorette parties, but if the bride decides her mother should be included, the mother of the groom should also receive an invitation. Do not invite people to the bachelorette party if they are not also invited to the wedding because doing so often creates awkwardness when the bridal party inevitably discusses wedding plans. Be sure to ask the bride if there are people she does not want invited. It is important that the bride feel completely comfortable and relaxed with everyone in attendance.