Does the Mother of the Groom Get Invited to All Wedding Showers?

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Showers give friends and family an opportunity to celebrate the upcoming wedding by attending an intimate gathering to fete the bride. Many brides have several showers so that work friends and out-of-town family can express their joy for the upcoming nuptials. But with one more than one shower, it can be difficult to decide who should be invited to which events.


The mother of the groom should be invited to every bridal shower, as should the mother of the bride. If the groom also has a stepmother, the bride can decide if it is appropriate for both to be in attendance. While it is appropriate for the mother of the groom to be invited to every event, it is not necessary for her to attend each one.


If the mother of the groom is invited to several showers, only one gift is necessary. It is also appropriate to give one large gift at the first shower, but only small token gifts at subsequent events.

Hosting a Shower

In addition to being invited to all bridal showers, the mother of the groom can opt to host her own for friends and family who might not be able to attend the other celebrations. Check with the maid (or matron) of honor about the dates of the other events so they do not conflict with already scheduled events and confer with the bride-to-be about her availability before sending out invitations.