Couples Shower Etiquette

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A couples shower, also known as a Jack and Jill shower, celebrates both the bride and groom. The Knot states that, "A couple shower is much more like a cocktail or dinner party than a bridal shower." In this type of shower, relatives and friends from both sides can participate.


The invitations for your couples shower should be sent to both friends of the bride and groom. Hudson Valley Weddings tell us that, "Anyone, male or female who is invited to the shower must be invited to the wedding, as well." Both married friends and single friends should be invited with the option for single friends to bring a guest.


If you are following the traditional rules of etiquette, anyone in your immediate family should not host the shower. However, sources say that these traditional rules are consistently being broken and just about anyone can host the couples shower.


Many of the same games that are played at bridal showers can be modified to include the groom as well. A suggestion is to have a boys versus girls competition.


For this type of shower the couple attending the shower should bring a gift for the couple getting married. Normally, at a bridal shower, the gifts are given from the female friends to the bride; however, the presents are for both the bride and groom. In the couples shower, the only difference is that the groom is there to accept the gifts as well.


The center of the shower will still be food and opening gifts, however many couples showers have themes. If you have a themed shower, the guests can bring presents related to your theme. Some suggestions are a "Stock the Bar" theme, where other couples bring you an item for your bar, a kitchen and bath theme, or a "Honeymoon" theme, where the guests bring you items to use before, during, and after your honeymoon. If you opt to not have a themed shower, the traditional registry is still acceptable.