What Does a Maid of Honor Pay For?

Being the maid of honor for an important woman in your life can be a wonderful and memorable experience. It can also be an awkward and stressful one if your responsibilities are not clearly defined or if you are not familiar with wedding party etiquette. One aspect of wedding planning that can be especially confusing for the maid of honor is which costs she is expected to pay for.

Wedding Attire

The maid of honor is responsible for the cost of her own wedding attire, including the dress, shoes and accessories.

Travel Costs

All members of the wedding party are expected to pay their own travel and hotel expenses.


The maid of honor should expect to give one bridal shower gift and one wedding gift. If she attends multiple showers, she is not required to bring a gift to each one.

Bridal Shower

Bridesmaids split the cost of a bridal shower with the maid of honor.

Bachelorette Party

Sometimes the maid of honor and bridesmaids pay for the bachelorette party but more commonly, each attendee pays for herself and chips in a little extra to cover the bride's costs.