How Much Should One Pay a Wedding Decorator?

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Improve Your Venue

If you're willing to budget several thousand dollars for her services, a wedding decorator can make your reception venue look like it cost you more than it actually did with chair covers, fine linen and centerpieces. In theory, a professional wedding decorator can save you money by making an inexpensive, plain reception hall look like a much posher hotel or restaurant.

You've Already Paid for this Service

The location you have rented for your reception has probably already charged you for rental furniture and linens. You have probably also already paid a florist who can provide floral centerpieces. You can pay the wedding decorator a few hundred dollars just to put the finishing touches on your venue.

Bottom Line

Couples should plan the entire budget for their weddings together with their families and decide which aspects are most important to them, according to wedding planner Sherisse Bhimani. Some may want to splurge on catering, whereas others are more concerned with finding the perfect decor. Your wedding decorator should be willing to work within your budget.