Simple Church Wedding Decorating Ideas

by Michelle Bolyn ; Updated September 28, 2017

You can easily decorate the church to create a lovely ambiance for your wedding ceremony without breaking your budget. However, before you start planning your church decor, check with the church to see what kinds of decorations are allowed. Some churches have limitations on candles and require them to be in containers. Also, consider the theme of your wedding when deciding on your decorations.

Doors of the Church

When guests approach the church, the first thing they'll see is the entrance and doors. Consider decorating the doors. You can make your own simple wreaths by attaching flowers to a grapevine wreath, which you can buy in a craft store. Or, you can ask a florist to attach flowers for you. Alternatively, you can purchase wood letters for the first initial in each of your names and cover them with moss before hanging them on the church doors.

Church Aisle

There are numerous options for decorating the church aisle. You can simply make large bows and attach them to the pews, or you can attach flowers to smaller bows on the pews. Another option is to hang a small grapevine wreath decorated with faux pearls, flowers and baby’s breath at the end of each pew. In addition to, or in lieu of, flowers and bows, you can line the church aisle with large pillar candles in hurricane glasses. You might also want to scatter rose petals on both sides of the aisle runner.

Altar Decorations

Couples often want some type of altar decorations because that's where the ceremony takes place. You can ask the church if it has decorations that it rents out for weddings. Some have beautiful candelabras or even a wedding arch. If the church doesn’t rent decorations, you can tastefully decorate the altar with some large potted plants, or ask your florist to make one or two large altar arrangements. Discuss using a lot of greenery with just a few large flowers to keep the cost of the flowers arrangements down. You might also include candles in hurricane glasses at the altar.

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