How to Make Chair Covers Using Tulle

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Tulle is a fine-netting fabric that's suitable to use for special occasions, such as formal events like weddings. Oftentimes at a formal event, simple and sometimes unattractive chairs are provided for guests. To spruce up the chairs for the event, make tulle covers for them to add a touch of elegance to the reception hall. Decorating with tulle is easy and is an inexpensive way to add a romantic feel to the room.

Choose a color of tulle for your chair covers. For weddings, the most popular shades are ivory or white, but other colors may work well. If you're reluctant to use a bold shade, then a pastel color might be a good choice.

Determine how many chairs need to be covered with tulle. Multiply that number by three yards to determine the amount of tulle that you'll need.

Go to a fabric shop and buy your determined amount of tulle. Since you'll be purchasing a large amount of fabric, you may be able to get a discounted price.

Determine whether the chairs will need only a large bow of tulle tied to them or if they will need more coverage. If the chairs are terribly unattractive, consider buying simple white pillowcases to place over the backs of the chairs, then tying the tulle over the pillowcases.

Cut three yards of material off of the roll of tulle.

Wrap the middle of a chair with the piece of tulle, beginning at the front of the chair and ending at the back.

Tie a simple bow or knot in the middle of the chair back. Adjust the tulle so that it looks even after the tying or knotting process.

Fan out the tulle so that it looks attractive and add real or decorative ivy or flowers. Slip the stems behind the knot in the fabric and bend some floral wire around the back of the knot to secure it, if necessary, or pin the decorations discreetly to the tulle. Experiment on one chair until you find a look that you like then replicate that look on the rest of the chairs.