How to Hang Tulle From the Ceiling

by Ryn Gargulinski ; Updated September 28, 2017

Tulle is easy to use and effective for decorating a drab ceiling.

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Tulle makes a great decoration for a party, special event or even daily use. Its light and airy look can add a dash of fantasy to any room. If draped across a ceiling, it gives the room a cozy and dressed-up effect. Tulle is also incredibly lightweight and easy to keep in place.

Prepare your tulle pieces. Decide on the length you need based on how much area you want to cover. Say your ceiling is 5 feet long and you want to drape the tulle from end to end. Cut a piece of tulle at least 8 feet long so you can have some slack to drape.

Lay the pieces on the floor. Once you've cut all the pieces you are going to use, lay them on the floor beneath the area where they will hang. Pull them to their full width and then bunch them in a bit to make sure they are wide enough to cover the area you wish to cover. This allows you to double check the layout.

Start with the center. Position your ladder beneath the area where you want the center of your tulle drapery to be. Climb the ladder grasping the center of one piece of tulle, and stick it to the ceiling with double-sided tape. Fold the edges under and stick those to the ceiling, too, draping the fabric as loosely or tightly as you like.

Move outward to the edges. Move the ladder along the length of the tulle, first in one direction, then the other, as you continue to stick the middle and two edges of the tulle to the ceiling with double-sided tape.


  • Play around with the tulle before hanging it to see how puffy, flowing or loose you want it to be. Perhaps you don't want to attach the edges but just the center, which will give an airier effect. All supplies can be found at home, hardware or craft stores. For an even cozier look, don't stop the tulle at the ceiling, but let it drape down part of the wall, as well.

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