How to Make a Tent Out of Sheets

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Whether you're a parent hoping to pass the tradition along to your child, or a teacher trying to spice up your classroom activities, making a tent out of sheets can turn a traditional setting into a camping adventure. There's certainly not one way to do it, but if you're having trouble, there are two different methods that are proven effective.

A Rope Tent

Step 1

Find two large, sturdy pieces of furniture such as chairs or a table. Tie your rope to the furniture pieces. They should be far enough apart to give you ample space in the tent.

Step 2

Tie each end of your rope to the furniture. Make sure your rope does not have any slack. Otherwise, space the furniture out more until the rope is taut.

Step 3

Place your sheet over the rope. It should drape evenly on both sides with both ends touching the floor. If they don't, try turning the sheet in the other direction. If you don't have a large enough one, use multiple sheets to completely cover the rope.

Step 4

Spread the corners of the sheet away from the center. This creates an opening inside the tent. Use books or other small objects as weights on the corners to keep them in place.

Table Tent

Step 1

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Clear off a large table and move any objects around it away. Dining room or craft tables work well because they are usually large and tall in size.

Step 2

Drape your sheet over the top of the table. The edges of the sheet should touch the floor to create a closed-off space underneath. If your sheet doesn't fit all the way around, use additional sheets until there are no openings.

Step 3

Weigh the sheets down with big pillows or a stack of towels to keep them from slipping. These weights are heavy enough to hold the sheets in place, but not heavy enough to cause injury if they fall on someone.