How to Make Cheap Wedding Tablecloths

Tables decorated at a wedding reception. image by Gina Smith from

Planning a wedding can be costly, but making some of the decorations can save you a lot. Renting tablecloths is an expensive hassle, and it can be a fun project to make your own. You can get as creative as you want and choose the colors and types of material to make your reception even more personal. You don't have to be an expert with a sewing machine to make tablecloths.

Measure the tables that you'll be using at your venue. Make sure to add as many inches as you want to hang down over the table. Typically, around 8 inches is the norm. Count how many tables you'll need so you'll know how many yards of fabric to buy.

Decide what colors and types of fabric you'd like to use, or poke around your local fabric store to see what they have. You could even do a different fabric for each table if you find some unique ones in the sale bin.

Cut the fabric to fit your tables with pinking shears to avoid having to sew. The effect is fun, and the effort is minimal. You can also use iron-on fabric tape to create a hem without using a needle and thread. If you want to sew, it will just take a few minutes to do a simple stitch for the hem.

Lay tulle or organza over a solid colored piece of fabric for an elegant look. You could even skip purchasing fabric and use the white tablecloths your venue will provide and add pizzazz with tulle or organza for an even cheaper approach. You can also do a ribbon border with a few added stitches, or use stamps to make a pattern or design.