How to Host a 25th Anniversary Dinner

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The 25th wedding anniversary is a milestone for married couples and must be equally celebrated with festivities. Usually, adult children plan and host their parents’ 25th wedding anniversary party with a “silver” theme. Some silver wedding anniversary parties are so extravagant that they resemble a miniature wedding. However, a memorable party can take place anywhere as long as it is planned with style and organization.

Ask the celebrant couple about their preferences and whether they prefer an all-out celebration or a more intimate gathering, a formal indoor setting or a garden party. Follow their wishes and your budget to create the 25th wedding anniversary party of their dreams.

Determine the number of guests, party site, date and time of the party. Select a venue that can accommodate the attendees easily. If their wedding anniversary falls on a holiday or some other special occasion, move the party date to the following week so that more people can be sure to attend. Prepare party invitations that have the customary silver theme and send them out three to four weeks in advance.

Finalize the type of menu that will be provided at the party. Choose a reputable caterer who can make food within your budget. Ask if the caterer can give you discounts for more head count or for ordering cake and beverages from him. Be aware of unforeseen additional expenses such as tips or broken china or glasses.

If your budget doesn’t allow for hiring a caterer, there a many sensible options available, such as a light meal, appetizers and dessert, and cake. Cakes can be homemade or ordered from a local bakery or grocery for a reasonable price. Buy champagne in bulk from a wine warehouse to get the greatest discount. Use disposable plates, cups and utensils instead of china and glassware.

Decorate the selected venue around a silver theme. A centerpiece of floating candles, a bouquet of colorful flowers, or silver balloons tied around a champagne bottle can instantly create a festive atmosphere. Tie silver fabric ribbons around chairs or hang silver streamers from the ceiling.

Plan a program for entertainment that includes speeches, music, games and dancing. Hire a recommended disc jockey for the party or ask a family teen to put together a playlist of the couple’s favorite songs and play it on the stereo. Prepare a speech and make a toast to the celebrants. Talk about both funny and challenging moments that made their marriage 25 years strong. Create a slideshow of the couple’s story beginning from the moment they met to having their own children and then perhaps grandchildren.

Designate a photographer in the family, or if your budget allows, hire a professional photographer or videographer for the party. Take plenty of candid as well as formal poses and make a scrapbook and present it to the couple as soon as possible.