Family Reunion Church Programs

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A family reunion is a special occasion where extended family members are invited to meet and spend time with each other in a party-like atmosphere. Reunions are typically held on an annual basis or at certain intervals. A variety of food and activities are offered to keep the mood upbeat and jovial. Families who have a strong religious faith may consider holding the family reunion at a church.


If many of the family members would like to make religion a centerpiece of the reunion, contact your local church to see if the facilities will be available on the date needed. Explain all of the details including the number of guests and the type of activities and food that will be provided. If a fee is not needed to secure the location, consider making a donation to the church on behalf of the family. Make sure everyone understand that while the reunion will be religion-based, all members of the family are welcome.


Ask the pastor if he would be willing to present a service for all of the guests, possibly following a theme of love or family. The service can be used to open the reunion and bless all attendees. Invite the pastor and other church officials to partake in the reunion activities. A blessing should also be performed during the reunion's final moments.


Contact the church's Sunday school teacher and see if she can help you create entertaining activities for the children. Some ideas may include exchanging Bible trading cards, playing Bible bingo and making religious-themed arts and crafts.


Besides traditional family reunion activities like egg toss, sack race, tug-of-war and musical chairs, guests may enjoy singing religious songs karaoke-style, Bible readings, reenacting a scene from the Bible and playing Bible trivia.


As with any occasion, food will play a large role in the family reunion. Lunch can be served outdoors under a tent or in the church's cafeteria, if it's large enough. A wide variety of food items should be available to ensure everyone will be able to find something to eat. Make note of any family members with food allergies and explain what items are safe for their consumption. Unless approved by the church, all beverages should be non-alcoholic.