Gifts to Pastors for a Marriage Ceremony

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Pastors usually charge a standard fee when they officiate at a wedding ceremony, which can range between $150 to $350, as of December 2010. However, if the parents or couple are members of the church, the church may waive the fee. In either case, the newlyweds can give the pastor an appropriate gift as a token of their thanks. The church secretary may have gift suggestions.

Gift Cards

Gift card offer practical solutions for the pastor. Three of the safest options are restaurant, bookstore or movie gift cards. Sporting events, such as bowling or miniature golf gift certificates, provide additional options. If the pastor seems to have it all, contribute something to charity in his name as a thoughtful gesture.

Pastor and Family Gifts

If you know the pastor well or attend her church, she may appreciate a family gift. Creative options include loaning them your camper or boat or sending the family out of town for the weekend. A membership to the local zoo for a year, a state park vehicle pass or tickets to a theme park or local fair provide family entertainment. Prepare a picnic lunch for him, but check his schedule first. Buy the family and children Build-A-Bear Workshop time.

Spouse and Pastor Gifts

Another option is to give a gift that includes the pastor's spouse. A weekend at a bed and breakfast, a marriage conference, a pastors' retreat or an extra weekend away all give the couple much needed time to reconnect with each other. The couple will appreciate babysitting coupons, especially if they have young children. A gift of tickets to a favorite concert or sporting event can allow the couple to splurge on something they may not have otherwise purchased.


If you don't know the officiant well, give him a plant or flower arrangement. Other options include CDs of music you know she will enjoy, a photo frame, jewelry or a book. Local artwork or art from the Christian bookstore also provide thoughtful choices.