Romantic Ideas to Do for Your Spouse for a 5th Wedding Anniversary

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The fifth wedding anniversary is considered a milestone. The traditional gift for a fifth anniversary is wood. However, you can incorporate this traditional gift in a more romantic form when celebrating your anniversary. Or, if you'd rather deviate from tradition, you can use the number five to provide a variety of anniversary gift options.

Weekend Getaway

If you wish to incorporate the traditional present of wood as a gift, take your spouse to the mountains for a weekend getaway in a log cabin (satisfying the wood element). Many cabin rental companies can provide specially themed packages for couples celebrating anniversaries. Arrange for the rental company to have champagne and strawberries waiting for you upon your arrival.

Wooden Surprises

Another traditional gift option is a wooden jewelry box. You can also purchase special jewelry for your wife and place it inside the box. Jewelry suggestions include earrings, an engraved watch, or a necklace. For your husband, you can take his wedding ring, and, if it is not already engraved, you can have a special message placed on the interior portion of the ring.

Focus on Five

Instead of giving a wood-themed gift, you can give you spouse a romantic gift based on the number five. Buy tickets for a five-day cruise and surprise your spouse with a vacation. Visit an exotic locale that your spouse has always talked about seeing. Or, if you are working with a more limited budget, you can give your spouse five red roses, five boxes of chocolate, five bottles of perfume or cologne, or five new pieces of lingerie.


Create new memories on your anniversary by taking your spouse out to a romantic dinner (a five course dinner would match the theme of your anniversary). Or give your spouse a scrapbook filled with memories from the last five years. You can also buy a new, empty scrapbook and explain that the pages will be filled with all of the good memories that are to come.