Fun Ideas for a 23rd Anniversary

When you have been married for 23 years, you have earned the right to celebrate your spouse and the love you share. Each year of wedded bliss is typically associated with specific materials that are used to commemorate the anniversary and can be used to generate gift ideas too. The 23rd year is the silver-plated and topaz jewelry year. Whether you purchase a special gift for your spouse, start a new tradition or spend some quality time together on a romantic trip, celebrate your 23rd anniversary in whatever way works best for you and your spouse.


Since topaz is the stone symbol for 23 years of marriage, topaz jewelry makes a great gift for a woman. Spoil her with topaz earrings, a topaz ring, bracelet or a necklace. Silver-plated jewelry is a good alternative if she is not into topaz. For a man, silver-plated cuff links make a great gift.

Silver-plated Items

If your spouse isn’t into jewelry but you still want to stick with the silver-plated theme, there are plenty of alternative silver-plated gift options and many can be engraved for added sentimental value. Silver-plated key chains with a personalized engraving of your wedding date makes a thoughtful and simple gift for a man or woman. Perhaps your wife would like a silver-plated picture frame with a meaningful photo of the two of you or a silver-plated vase with her favorite flowers. For a man, consider a silver-plated flask engraved with something special or a silver-plated bar set with his favorite drink. No matter what you buy, personalizing silver-plated items with engravings will make them more meaningful to your spouse.


Sometimes the best gift is the kind that can’t be wrapped. Give your spouse the gift of a new experience by planning a special trip to celebrate your 23rd anniversary. Whether you travel out of the country, lounge on a beach or go on an exciting adventure, taking a trip together is a great way to celebrate and make new deposits to your memory bank.

Homemade Gifts

If you and your spouse are not into traditional gift giving, perhaps you can kick start an anniversary tradition that is as unique as your marriage by creating something special for your spouse. Making a homemade gift or card can add a romantic element for some couples who aren’t impressed by jewelry or store-bought gifts. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show your spouse how much you appreciate the life you share together. The most meaningful gifts are those that are thoughtful and come from the heart.