Fun Ideas for a 23rd Anniversary

by Nina Hughes

The 23rd wedding anniversary traditionally is the silver-plated year. It is also the topaz jewelry year of marriage. There are fun gifts you can make or purchase to personalize for your mate. There are also nice trips you can take together if your mate isn't into gift giving. It all depends on what style of gift your spouse would enjoy.


Topaz is the stone symbol for 23 years of marriage. Topaz jewelry can make a nice gift for your wife in the form of earrings, a ring, bracelet or a necklace. Silver-plated jewelry is also acceptable for the 23rd anniversary. Silver-plated cuff links can make a nice gift for a man.

Silver-plated Items

Silver-plated items are traditional for the 23rd anniversary. These can even be engraved for sentimental value. Silver-plated key chains with a personalized engraved message or your wedding date makes a simple gift for a man or woman. A silver-plated picture frame, candle holders or a vase make lovely gifts for her. Putting a collage of pictures from the past 23 years in the picture frame can make an inexpensive gift in a scrapbook that has a silver plate on the front for personalization. Self-made gifts are more sentimental. Silver-plated flasks, a bar set or pen set can make nice gifts for a man.


If you and your spouse are not really the gift-giving type, you can take an exotic trip. Depending on your vacationing style, you can travel out of the country or to a beach. If you both are into excitement and seek a thrilling adventure, sky diving or bungee jumping may be something to experience together for the first time. Or you can visit an amusement park or resort. Wherever you go, as long as you enjoy having fun together is what counts.

New Tradition

You can start your own kind of anniversary tradition as well. Nontraditional gift giving or self-made gifts may create an element of romance for some couples. This works for couples who aren't into the jewelry and silver-plated items. If your spouse has been hinting about wanting new household items or furniture, then that is fine for a 23rd wedding anniversary gift. As long as it's something that comes from the heart, it need not be expensive.