What Is the Traditional Gift for the 39th Wedding Anniversary?

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For their first fifteen years of marriage, couples traditionally enjoy a new anniversary theme every year. After that, couples celebrate a new theme every five years. Happily marrieds celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary can choose either coral or ruby anniversary gifts. Coral is the traditional gift for a 35th anniversary, and ruby for a 40th. Couples need not necessarily give each other coral or ruby precious stones; coral or ruby colored gifts are also fully in line with tradition.

Ocean Getaway

Surprise your sweetheart with a trip to see real coral by booking a seaside getaway. Wrap a gift certificate for diving lessons, or the tickets to the destination itself, in coral and ruby ribbon. If a trip isn't in the budget this year, turn your bathroom into an island paradise instead. Make fanciful ocean decorations and line the tub with "coral" carved from styrofoam and glued to cardboard bases. Write "Happy Anniversary" on a sign in large coral letters and hang it nearby.


Commemorate your anniversary with ruby or coral jewelry. Appropriate gifts for women include necklaces or bracelets, which can also include a pendant inscribed with your wedding date. Or, string your partner a necklace with 39 alternating coral and ruby beads. For men, look for ruby red enameled cufflinks or tie clips.

Ruby and Coral Dinner

Cook your spouse a romantic coral and ruby themed dinner. Decorate the table with ruby red rose petals or a coral colored flower, like a bird of paradise. Light colored candles by which to dine. Serve foods that make liberal use of tomatoes, raspberries, cherries, grapefruits and beets. For a romantic touch, buy a bottle of rich red port from the year of your marriage.


Make your partner a one-of-a-kind anniversary gift: a painting. Using an old wedding photograph as a basis, paint the scene onto a canvass. Use red and coral colors either to create a border, or as a major part of your color scheme. Alternatively, paint the scene as you would normally and frame it on ruby or coral matting.