What Would Be a Sweet Thing to Send My Long Distance Boyfriend?

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It's no secret that living far away from your boyfriend adds a challenging layer to a relationship, but it also forces you to be a bit more creative with how you communicate and the gifts that you send each other. Focus on sending gifts that will not only put a smile on your face, but also remind your boyfriend of how much you love him and look forward to seeing him again.

Time Reminders

Create a calendar with pictures of the two of you to send to you boyfriend. Mark off all of the dates that are important to your relationship, including the anniversary of the day you met, your first kiss, and the day you made it official. You also want to circle the dates on the calendar when you plan on visiting each other. Write a note on those dates that convey your excitement about seeing him again. Another idea is to send him a countdown calendar that allows him to rip off the days until the next time the two of you see each other. You can choose a countdown calendar for any length of time, but write something sweet relating to when you see him again. For example, on Day 20, you might write, "20 days until I smother you with kisses."

You on Video

Send your guy a sweet video message from you via email. One idea is to make him feel a part of your everyday life by creating a video log of a week in your life. Record yourself doing mundane things, telling him about your routine, how you kiss his picture every morning, when you sit down to send him an email and the typical things you do at work. Record yourself hanging out with friends and have them all give him a shout out in the video. On his birthday, to feel a part of his birthday celebrations, send him a video of you and mutual friends having a mini party for him. Have everyone wear birthday hats and sing happy birthday. Get a small cake with his name on it and blow out the candles for him.

Subscription or Class Gifts

Show your boyfriend that you know him well by surprising him with a once-a-month subscription gift for something he loves. For example, if he considers himself a wine connoisseur, sign him up for a wine of the month club that will deliver a selection of wine samples each month. Other monthly club subscriptions include beer, gourmet cheese, jerky and healthy snacks. Another idea is to sign him up for an enrichment class in his area, based on something he has always wanted to learn or has a deep passion for. If he loves to try to make you gourmet meals when he visits, surprise him with cooking classes. If he has always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, surprise him with guitar classes at a local music store.

Classic Romantic Gifts

Classic and traditional romantic gestures will never really go out of style. Send your boyfriend a handwritten love letter, telling how much you miss, love and appreciate him. This could be the start of a handwritten letter correspondence between the two of you, which can add a nostalgic romance element to your relationship. When your guy is not having the best week and complains about missing you, the ultimate gift would be to by a bus, train or plane ticket on a whim and surprise him, if you can. Coordinate with a friend of his if you can. Imagine his surprise to find you sitting in his apartment when he gets home from work one day.