Cute Things to Send Your Boyfriend at College

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Going away to college is a great opportunity for young people to learn, change and grow. But when you and your high-school sweetheart end up at different schools, you face a difficult situation. To take the strain off your relationship, you can keep the romance alive by sending him some cute, thoughtful gifts every now and then that show him how much you care.

Romantic Ideas

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Long-distance relationships are hard. It's important to keep the love alive by sending your boyfriend thoughtful, romantic gifts so he knows you are thinking about him. Spray a pillowcase or shirt with your favorite perfume, or make some "coupons" that he can redeem for a date night or a back massage next time you see him. A mix CD of your favorite songs can also be sweet and romantic.

Reminders of Home

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If your boyfriend is far away at college, it might be a sweet surprise for him to open up a care package with reminders of home. You can make a photo album for him to look at when he is homesick, which might include pictures of you or his family and friends. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so also send him some of your homemade chocolate chip cookies, or get his mom's recipe for casserole and cook up a batch of his favorite childhood dish to make him feel warm inside.

Practical Gifts

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If your boyfriend is stressed out or overwhelmed with his college courses, he might appreciate a more practical gift that can save him some time and energy. Send him a box of basic necessities. This way, he will be reminded that you are thinking of him and will also have things that he can use and not need to buy for himself. Some practical gifts might include snacks like cookies, candy and pretzels, magazines, gift cards, laundry detergent, deodorant, socks, soap, toothpaste, instant coffee, phone cards and school supplies.


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Sometimes the best gifts are the simplest ones. Writing a letter only requires some paper, a pen and a stamp and it can do wonders for your relationship. Sending a love letter is a more traditional, romantic way to show someone you care. It is much more personalized way to show your sweetie you care than calling him or sending a text message. It also shows you took some the time out of your day to write out your feelings and to make him feel special.