Gifts for 56 Year Old Men

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Use some creativity for your father or grandfather this year on his 56th birthday or holiday season. Use some unique ideas or silly gag gift ideas oriented to his age. Create an idea yourself or do some research to find gifts that celebrate his age group and spark some old memories such as a board game or an over-the-hill theme personalized for him to make his 56th year more memorable.

Silly Gifts

Buy your man a silly gift as part of his gift package this year with a T-shirt that says, “Vintage 56 Aged to Perfection.” You can find these kind of gifts online or at a print shop if your guy has a sense of humor and is proud of his age. You can have the saying printed on a black tee, sweatshirt, hat or travel mug. This would be a smart gift for your father or friend who enjoys his coffee every day on the way to work or fishing.

Glittering Chocolates

Give your man some chocolates for his 56th birthday. If he is a chocolate lover, you can give him specialized chocolates and lollipops. You can find chocolates that come in various fillings including hazelnut, raspberry, peanut butter and mint or look like sparkly glitter edibles. You can have a company personalize it with a custom 56-year message for him. Choose a special "Over the Hill" birthday kit that you could have personalized with a 56th Birthday card and 56th Birthday accessories like a mug and keychain.

Pre-Retirement Trip

He may not be quite retirement age yet, but give him a taste of it with a horseback trail ride for two at a dude ranch. Check out dude ranches across the United States and Canada online depending how far you can travel if only for a few days. Find one that would match his personality and adventure and make it part of his 56th birthday celebration.

Senior-Oriented Game or Book

Get him a game or book that celebrates his age with humor and a challenging game he can share with others. Buy him a game that is oriented for his age. One senior game has trivia questions that cover six decades of fashion, entertainment and events, challenging his memories over time. If he is thinking about retirement soon, give him a humorous book such as “What You Don't Know About Retirement: A Funny Retirement Quiz” by Bill Dodds. These kinds of gifts are not the kind of gifts he would buy for himself but would have some enjoyment from it.