Things to Put in a Gift Basket for Guys

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Create a gift basket to cater specifically to the guy in your life. Develop a theme or simply put random items in the basket that he will enjoy. Either way, you are showing how much you care by selecting gifts just for him. Choose the gifts before deciding on a basket in order to pick one in the correct size.


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Create a sports-themed gift basket for a special man in your life by placing items related to his favorite sport in it. Choose items such as a jersey of his favorite player, a ball, a glove, tickets to a sports event or sports-themed food or drinks. A soft pretzel similar to one that you buy at a baseball stadium, a package of ballpark-style hot dogs or football-shaped cookies are possible ideas. If he is a fan of more than one sport choose a few items from each, or focus entirely on one for this gift.


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For a guy who loves music, put together a music-related gift basket. This can include items such as concert tickets to see his favorite band, CDs, band T-shirts, signed concert posters or a gift card for MP3 downloads. If he plays a musical instrument, include accessories for the instrument, such as guitar picks or an electronic tuner. Have his name engraved on them for an extra special touch. This is an easy gift to put together as most guys have an interest in some kind of music.


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For gym or outdoor guys, make a gift basket that includes fitness-type items. For men who would rather work out at the gym, think about boxing gloves, sweat bands, or accessories for an MP3 player. For a guy who enjoys the outdoors think about which activity he most prefers and focus on that. Mountain climbing gear, a bike helmet, a new water bottle or a pedometer may all be interesting gifts to include. A gift certificate for a day spent whitewater rafting, for flying lessons or for mountain climbing lessons provides a more experiential gift.

Other Ideas

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If the guy in your life has other hobbies that are special to him include items that reflect his tastes. For food lovers put gourmet cheeses or home baked treats in the basket. He may also enjoy a gift certificate for a cooking class. For dog lovers include yummy treats, a new leash or a fancy collar. If he is a fan of his car you could create a car-themed basket with new seat covers, some dice for the rear view mirror and items to make the car smell good. Be creative and allow his personal tastes to guide the basket that you put together.

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