Retirement Gift Ideas for a Brother

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Retirement is a milestone that many people look forward to for most of their adult lives. When your brother reaches the age and financial position that enable him to retire, choose a gift that will congratulate him. You likely know your brother quite well, so choose something personal that you know he will enjoy using during his retirement.

Hobby Gift

Choose a gift that complements one of your brother's hobbies. He likely will have more time to devote to his hobby, so help him have even more fun doing it. For example, choose a golf club, fishing rod or new skis for a brother who likes outdoor sports. Another brother might prefer gardening, so select a new set of gardening tools or a motorized wheelbarrow.


Retirement often means that a person has more time to devote to travel. Give your brother a gift that will help him take a vacation, whether he wants to take his wife to Europe or visit his children who live in another state. If you want, go all out and give him an all-expenses paid cruise or an airline voucher that he can use to go anywhere he chooses. Alternatively, give him a new piece of luggage or a passport holder that he can use in his travels.


Some retired men might be looking forward to enjoying their favorite sports games or television shows more often now that they won't have to spend so much time working. Purchase a flat-screen high-definition television for your brother. If he already has a television, pay for his cable package to be upgraded for a year so that he can watch movies or more games.


When your brother enjoys spending his Saturdays entertaining friends and family members in his backyard by hosting parties, help him upgrade his equipment with a new grill. Choose a large grill that has plenty of space for his steaks, hamburgers and grilled chicken, along with a few burners. For a brother who already has a nice grill, choose a new apron, grilling tools or a gift card to a local butcher shop.