How to Cheer Up My Boyfriend After a Job Loss

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Job loss affects not only the people who lose their jobs, but their loved ones as well. If your boyfriend is upset after his job loss, he may not have the energy or desire to participate in dates and other activities that the two of you used to enjoy. He may also lack the the motivation to seek other work, especially if he goes a long time without getting a new position, despite his best efforts. Cheer up your boyfriend after his job loss and you will both be happier.

Step 1

Write down your boyfriend's positive traits. Think of everything you love about your boyfriend, such as his confidence or his ability to put other people first. Make a list of his positive traits.

Step 2

Write a letter or a poem that includes all of your boyfriend's positive traits, using the list from Step 1. Read the letter or poem to your boyfriend. Tell him that you believe that he will take advantage of all of these traits to find a new job and that you will remain optimistic and hope he will too.

Step 3

Take your boyfriend on dates at least twice a week. Even if your boyfriend has to spend his days looking for jobs and can't afford to pay for a lavish date, he needs to take a break and have fun. Treat him to dinner and a movie or, if you can't afford to spend the money either, treat him to an inexpensive date, such as a homemade dinner and a walk in the park. Don't let him wallow in self-pity; insist that he come along with you on these dates.

Step 4

Network amongst your friends, family and co-workers. Connections help people get jobs. If your boyfriend is struggling to find a new job, broaden his network of contacts by asking your friends, family and co-workers if they know of any job openings for which your boyfriend qualifies.

Step 5

Encourage your boyfriend to develop his talents and use them to make some money. Making a website, selling secondhand items and crafting are all potential ways to generate income. Engaging in these activities will also keep your boyfriend distracted from his unhappy thoughts and help him develop his skills for use in future jobs.