Gifts for a Married Man

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It can be difficult to choose a gift for a married man because you want your present to be family-friendly. Get an appropriate gift to demonstrate that you respect the guy's family life. Some gifts encourage him to spend time with his children, while other thoughtful gifts encourage a date night for the man and his wife.

Photo Gifts

A married man should appreciate a gift that permits him to show off pictures of his family. For instance, get a digital photo frame that holds photos and video as well as music. Digital photo frames can remind him of his loving family while he's at work and serve as a conversation starter as he welcomes clients and colleagues to his office. Or get a nice photo frame, such as a silver frame with the guy's last name engraved on it. Then insert a photo of the guy and his family if you have one.

Still Cameras and Video Cameras

Family guys can appreciate having a quality video camera to record important moments. Video cameras can enable new fathers to record their child's first steps and words, and they can also be nice for a newly married guy to take on his honeymoon. A quality camera should have video capabilities as well as the ability to take pictures. For instance, get a Canon 5D, which professional filmmakers use, if you can splurge.


Tickets to a family-friendly event should be greatly appreciated. Get a season pass to a zoo or family annual membership to an art or children's museum if the guy has school-aged children. Or get him a gift certificate for two tickets to a movie theater for him and his wife. Tickets to a sports game are a thoughtful gift for a guy with a favorite sports team. Get the guy and his family season tickets to a sports team if you can afford to splurge.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are thoughtful if you purchase them for a store that the guy and his family can enjoy. For instance, get a gift card for a bookstore to give to a guy who loves reading stories to his kids. Or get a gift card to purchase music and movies online. The guy could use the gift card to rent a movie for him and his wife. Personalize a debit card gift card with the guy's name and photo of him and his family to show that you are willing to put forth some extra effort.