Appropriate Graduation Gifts for a Man With a Master's Degree

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It can be difficult purchasing a gift for a guy graduating with a master's degree. The graduate is typically about to begin a job search, so items that help with his search can be appreciated. While purchasing a gift, buy an item that helps the man and shows your love.

Work Clothes

Work clothes are practical because the man is going to attend job interviews and meetings. Even casual workplaces expect male employees to show up wearing nice slacks and leather shoes. Button down long sleeve shirts are a must have for job interviews. Or get the guy several quality ties in bold, powerful colors to get the attention of hiring managers. While purchasing work clothes, get items in colors that he likes so he is sure to wear them.


Smart items to purchase include electronics that permit your friend to communicate with his workplace. Some phones, such as the iPhone and other smart phones, permit users to email their workplace from anywhere. Just check that the graduate is prepared to pay the extra fee for email capabilities if you never planned to pay for it. Alternatively, a new laptop could be a splurge, although it is practical gift for a guy who used the same computer throughout college.

Gift Card

Some master's degree programs are expensive and they can leave graduates broke while job searching. Cash is a traditional graduation gift, but it is impersonal. Get a gift card to show that you put out some extra effort for your friend. If you are unsure of where the man shops, just purchase a personalized debit card gift card that can be used anywhere. Add a photo of the guy and include his name on the card.

Items For His Home

Some graduates move for work, so your friend might need new items for his home. If you can splurge, purchase an appliance that the man might need, such as a microwave. Another large ticket item is a washer and dryer because no guy wants to sit at the laundry mat all day. Alternatively, get some vintage wall art, such as a Nugrape Soda wall clock. Just purchase items that go with the graduate's style and taste.