How to Prank Your Boyfriend on April Fool's Day

Young couple preparing food together, tasting spaghetti


Life is hard; take every opportunity you get to laugh. At least, that can be your defense when you get caught pranking your boyfriend. While April Fools' Day might not be considered a couple's holiday by most, it is an excellent opportunity to show your man that you've been thinking about him by planning some fun surprises. When it comes to planning April Fools pranks for boyfriends, your knowledge of what makes him laugh is a huge asset.

Rules for Pranking

As you plan your pranks, remember that you are pulling these gags on someone that you love. Avoid doing anything cruel or that would toy with someone emotionally. Think fun and funny. It might seem hilarious at first to trick your man into thinking that you are pregnant or leaving him, but those types of gags can bring fear and doubt into your relationship. Instead, focus on things that you can do that are simply good jokes.

Online and Phone Pranks

Technology is a great tool for many tasks, including planning harmless April Fools jokes for boyfriends. As a light gag, consider changing the language settings on his social media accounts or switching your contact name in his phone to something silly, such as a celebrity's name. For something more advanced, use a web program to set up a new phone number and flood your boyfriend with goofy fake texts all day.

Another option: Forward that fake number to his phone, then place an ad on an online classified site giving that number out to sell something ridiculous, such as a collection of unused adult diapers. He'll get odd phone calls as long as the number forwards, but no one will have his real contact info.

Pranks for Home

For couples that live together, there's a lot of opportunity to play April Fools jokes for boyfriends when they least expect it. Tape bubble wrap to the bottom of the toilet seat so that it pops when he sits down, or put a sticker that matches the remote control over the sensor so that it won't function correctly. Fill the refrigerator and freezer to the brim, but with only one item... preferably something he doesn't enjoy. Turn off the ceiling fans and cover the tops with confetti for when he turns them back on, or replace all of his underwear with thongs.

Personal Pranks That Work

Simple yet personal gags might include switching the order of keys on someone's key chain, replacing their coffee with decaf or putting scented air fresheners in a smell they dislike in their car. Or, if you're handy with a sewing machine, temporarily hem all of his pants up by two or three inches. (Hide one unaltered pair though, just in the case he has an important meeting that day.)

One of the more personal April Fools pranks for a boyfriend involves ordering a custom temporary tattoos of your boyfriend's name. Apply it in a ridiculous location on yourself and paint a little silicone fake skin from a costume shop on top to make it look as if it is freshly healing. Show it off proudly to your man as if it was your way of professing your love to him.